The Leaning Tree

Winds have bowed him awkwardly,

Casting him askew to the others.

Maybe, though, he’s just leavesdropping,

Inserting himself into the discussion between

The sweet magnolia and the mighty oak

Across the way, shaking boughs and

Whispering poetry, listening for the owl.

Maybe he’s yearning for the lake,

Hoping for a cool breeze and a sip of water,

Or perhaps, like you, he’s just weary and

Seeks the loving arms of a companion.

Who am I to judge this leaning tree?

I’ve leaned too, in my day, and

Will again in the days to come.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

10 thoughts on “The Leaning Tree”

  1. Wow. I loved this. I love leavesdropping. And the last bit is brilliant. I have leaning trees. They’re not tall and i keep them low and leaning still. When we came here the garden met you at the gate. You could not see that not only was there a fence along the back of it but that fence had fallen down, so all the shrubs and trees were fighting for light, for survival and I had to make choices. That was a joke since I know nothing of plants–too funny that yes, one of the ones that someone since identified, is a magnolia. I also didn’t want to chop the ones I kept right back below the twisted bits in case they then died off. But what I then did was create a sort of Japanese look to that whole corner so the twisted leaning tree trunks work ok. I have got quite into leaning trees. So thank you for the lovely poem.

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