Beauty is in the Eye(brow) of the Beholder

Found this on Facebook. It seemed appropriate for me to post considering the title of my blog.

I almost hit the publish button after attaching the meme above, but before doing so I thought, “Are there other memes about eyebrows anywhere on the internet?”

Well, yes. Yes, there are.

Just for the record, my right eyebrow is the best behaved of the two. It’s fuller and shapelier and gets asked out on way more dates.

Do you think men have a favorite eyebrow? Unless they’re drag queens, no. And even then, no, because they’re fabulous at creating glorious eyebrows.

Contrary to public opinion, I’m really not obsessed with eyebrows. I have far more important beauty issues to consider, such as my definite lack of meaningful cheekbones. But “Praying for Cheekbones” didn’t come to me in a mystical experience like “Praying for Eyebrowz did.”

And I don’t paint in my eyebrows. I do give them a little pep talk every morning, urging them to work together for the greater good and to watch their respective postures. Right eyebrow is much more receptive to my entreaties.

I could’ve posted a hundred eyebrow memes and still not have emptied the meme mine. But I think my point has been made.

(By the way, that’s not me pictured above. Thanks to Pinterest for the creative eyebrow picture.)

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

22 thoughts on “Beauty is in the Eye(brow) of the Beholder”

      1. The hair on my left side of my head is much more grey than the right side…but it hasn’t affected my eyebrows (yet). But thanks to this post I now have a complex. 😂

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      2. Oh, Claudette, my hair is grayer in one side than the other! Please, don’t get a complex over your eyebrows! At least not on my account.


  1. You are so funny. I used to have fabulous eyebrows. Full and lush. That is until my 60’s. Now I have to pencil in the very end of them as most of those hairs have disappeared. Plus, all of a sudden my eyebrows are going gray! And gray eyebrows do their own thing. They cannot be tamed! What is up with that? My hair has a few gray (My family grays late) but my eyebrows didn’t get the message. I suppose now I have to color my eyebrows too. 🙀😩

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  2. I think my favorite is the two girls on the beach – that’s just funny. My wife hands me a mirror and tweezers about once a week. “You need to do your eyebrows”. I look in the mirror and gasp – WTH! I have long black mutant ones that curl all around. In between those are albino white ones which I swear were not there a day earlier. I start plucking and OUCH!!!! OMG!! That really hurts. Call me a wimp – (no, really – I’m a wimp) but plucking eyebrows hurts. I tried pulling a nose hair once and learned that that is a huge mistake. Being a guy is wonderful. At some age, you start losing hair on your head and it sprouts out of your ears, nose and you get wicked eyebrows. Honestly, how many times have you been watching TV and though – OMG! I can’t take that guy seriously – doesn’t he have a wife or something? Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe she gave up on him. Maybe he thinks he’s really hot stuff and she lets him go out like that just because she knows “Yeah, go ahead Mr. Hot Stuff” while she secretly knows women are going to think “Gads!!” Nobody wants advice from someone with bushy eyebrows.

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