Like Old Times

I went for a swim last night. It was my first real swim in over three years, and I relished every stroke.

Studly Doright and I had a pool once, back when we lived in Melbourne, Florida. Our backyard there was perfect for a small in-ground pool, and I swam almost every day all year round. When we moved to Illinois we didn’t even consider adding a pool to our property, but I’d hoped we’d have one if we ever returned to the Sunshine State.

We’ve been in the Tallahassee area for more than five years now, and I’ve given up on having a pool of my own. The backyard here at Doright Manor isn’t conducive to a pool–the ground slopes down to the lake and the expense to shore it up in addition to that of building a lanai around it, wouldn’t be practical at this stage in our lives. Studly would like to retire at some point, and I can’t say I blame him. Still, I miss swimming.

Tallahassee has some fine city parks with pools, though, and last night I decided to join one of the water aerobics classes at the park nearest my home. Slipping into the water felt like coming home, and I patiently went through the exercises as our instructor led the way. Then, glory of glories, she had us swim a couple of laps. I was afraid I wouldn’t remember how, or wouldn’t be able to make one lap, let alone two.

But I was good. Smooth and easy like I’d never stopped swimming. I fantasized that the young lifeguard on duty might stop me as I left the pool and compliment me on my form. Perhaps, I thought, he might ask if I’d ever competed in high school or even college. I’d have blushed and told him no, then thanked him for the compliment. For the record, he didn’t single me out for special recognition. I’ll just have to work harder next time.

Tomorrow my muscles will likely be a little sore, but I’ll relish the pain. I can’t wait for the next time.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

21 thoughts on “Like Old Times”

  1. I feel ya….I was a WSI and lifeguard at my college pool…THEN….lived in Fl with a dock…….I swam for the first time last year ….and , even though I have a bigger boat to pull, it felt so natural….I love the water….god for you joining …it is THE BEST exercise.

    I even love the smell of chlorine

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  2. Swimming used to be a required part of PE in most of the high schools around here so we used to have public use as well, but that has dwindled down to zero. The schools have taken out their pools to build more classrooms. We do have large aquatic centers-too far away for a casual swim, and the YMCA is here, but membership is a bit cost prohibitive for me.
    I long for the days when my family had lake property and I lived in the water all summer. Took it for granted as a kid…
    Glad you found this opportunity close by!

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      1. That’s a doable fee. The Y offers free classes and such, but that’s only after the $100 joining fee and the $70 monthly membership. I wouldn’t use the facility enough to justify those costs. I need to find a new friend with a pool!

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      2. We have a golf/swim club nearby, but it’s got similar fees to your Y. When David retires I might talk him into switching golf clubs so I can get a better rate there.


  3. Honey….. you never saw me after the time I went roller skating in Denmark as a young woman, having not done all this teapot position and figure skating ……s(*^ for years, but kind of getting back out there, wiping the rink clean .Cos skating?? My thing deep down but no rinks here. And the next day? In fact forget the next day, during that very night, in this loft we were staying in, and I mean loft with a ladder, oh and the kids needing the loo down that ladder from that loft to that loo every ten mins, hooking my hands under my thighs to lift them and get them —the kids, forget my legs, but had to do that as well– there? Let us not even talk about the fact that the hubby hadn’t registered to drive so the next day, guess who was driving to the airport, should I just say, I feel your pain. Big time. Titanic time in fact xxxxx

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    1. Lol. Glad you got a giggle. Yeah that was quite a lot of pain and agony. I had this whizzo idea, when we did the Mr’s play re me being a roller skating tour guide. I thought for starters. I could roller down that metal ramp and hail up centre stage. You will be as pleased as he was to know that the terrible floor surface did not lend itself. What it would have lent itself to was hauling up flat out in the audience with a broken leg.

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