I’m All Right

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment in Tallahassee. It was the last in a series of appointments and procedures involving my cranky digestive system. Everything went well. While the doctors identified a couple of minor issues, basically I’m merely aging and falling apart piece by piece.

After paying an arm and a leg (heh) for the privilege of learning I’m old, I left the doctor’s office feeling poorer, but relieved. I’d prepared myself for bad news, hypochondriac that I am, and instead I just learned that my body is going through some changes.

Hmmm. Didn’t I hear the same thing back in sixth grade? Puberty was a piece of cake compared to this, though. Okay, so I didn’t like the pimples and period stuff, and the awkwardness and insecurities really stunk. Oh, and the growth spurt that propelled me to the top of my class’s height chart and kept me there through most of junior high and high school wasn’t much fun either.

On second thought, I wouldn’t trade my current issues for those I faced in puberty. To paraphrase one of my favorite movie quotes: “We don’t need no stinking training bras.”

Hooray for aging. Hooray for me.


Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

11 thoughts on “I’m All Right”

  1. No one really prepares you for getting older do they? All the books out there talk about ways to stay healthy as we age, websites give us ideas on how to enjoy retirement by traveling or finding our “passion” or giving us tips to “stay young.” It seems aging is so horrendous that no one can admit the truth and talk about real world issues that come with increased age!
    We seem to be left on our own to stumble upon the downside and then deal with one experience after another until one day we just park ourselves in a corner and wait for the inevitable… 😉

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    1. And I think a lot of people do just that—park themselves in a corner. I must admit that at least twice in the past year I’ve wondered if I really wanted to deal with everything going on in my body. I’ve had some fairly dark moments contemplating life without a lot of the things I enjoy—certain foods, activities, etc. Some days I feel so hopeless. And then I kick myself in the ass and get on with living.

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      1. Yes, that’s the thing to do, a swift kick and move ahead. You discover your limits I think, and in doing that often find ways to manage them better or little tricks to keeping the better aspects in play and realize that even though things change there’s still plenty to do. Then you just get out and do it!

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  2. Come back and fight like a man !……..that movie cracked me up………glad you are only dying slowly and not really sick …:)

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