Wigging Out

Several days ago I was at one of the local malls. I needed a new, smaller belt and a place to walk on a stormy day. After buying a belt (on sale, yay!) I strolled around looking at brightly colored Easter decor, waving at the mall Easter Bunny, and mentally eating all the mall foods that I can’t have right now. If mental calories counted. I’d need to buy a much differently sized belt.

On one pass of the lower level I noted all the pretty wigs on display in the Merle Norman store. I smiled at the lady seated behind the counter, passed on by, and then did an abrupt about face and turned into the store. The clerk did a double take and gave me a warm greeting before asking, “How can I help you?”

This was a couple of days before my most recent haircut, and I told her that I was sick of my hair and wondered if maybe I should just finally let it go gray.

She offered to help me try some different grays on just to see how I’d look. We tried a silver gray. Then a salt and pepper gray. A mushroom gray, and a blonde gray, among others.

After the fourth or fifth one the sweet lady looked at me earnestly and said, “I recommend that you keep coloring your hair as long as possible.”

And that’s why I’ll NEVER go gray.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

27 thoughts on “Wigging Out”

  1. Do you know, this is a genius idea and something that I would never imagine doing but so clever. Try before you…let nature take it’s course!
    When I wait too long between coloring the entire texture of my hair changes as more gray grows in. No body whatsoever, just thin and flat, which says a lot about why many women who are gray keep their hair shorter.
    I have to ask…what color is “mushroom gray” by the way? I hope not that wilting, cooked mushroom color before golden goodness takes over!

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      1. I follow so many blogs, and sometimes when I try to follow someone I’m told I need to unfollow others to make room for someone new. And sometimes I don’t make a connection between the name of the blogger and the blog title. I know I’m probably following a few folks who don’t even blog any more! Can you tell that I suffer from a lack of organizational skills?

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  2. I did let my hair grow out a few years back after decades of coloring it. It was a four-year process because my hair is quite long. But I love the freedom and I do like the salt and pepper color. It is certainly a personal decision and most of my friends and family around my age do color their hair. Love that cartoon you added. That’s what I would look like if I pulled out all my grey hairs!

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    1. I’m envious of women who can wear their hair in a natural gray. I know if I let my hair go totally gray that I’d still probably have to color it to get a gray that didn’t wash me out.

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      1. Yes. I told him he’d hurt my feelings and he was shocked! Didn’t realize he’d been so harsh. He’s okay with it—said it wasn’t nearly as short as he’d feared.

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  3. What a good idea to try on wigs. I think about letting my gray grow out too and after a few months I wind up calling my hair dresser. I don’t have pretty gray hair and it’s mostly around the face. I know several Women who have that gorgeous white gray hair and they look beautiful. If I had that kind of gray I would do it in a second. But my gray is dull and makes me look washed out. I need color or else I look sick. I go with blonde highlights which blend in better and make the gray less noticeable. But good for those brave gals who go ala natural!

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      1. Yeah, it’s unfortunate. I love the gray look. But you are correct. We’d still have to color it gray. So we might as well just color it how we like. I started out with a few blonde highlights and now it’s the top half of my head lol as I get more gray. Lol
        My grandmother lived to 103 and she was gray only in front by the crown and still dark on the rest of her head. So I doubt I’m ever going to have a good gray look. My mom passed in her 70’s and she was only gray at the crown too. I’ll keep Hi lighting it blonde. I’m not brave enough to stop and have a two toned look. 🙄

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      2. My mom passed away in her late 50’s with not a single gray hair. Her mother had gorgeous black hair that turned to silver as she aged. I didn’t get any of the good stuff.

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      3. I have hair like my father. He had straight hair. My mom had thick curls.My oldest son got hair like my mom and so do his kids. My younger son has hair like my father and I. Genetics are so interesting. My oldest son married a girl from the Philippines and my grandchildren still got their father’s curls. Pretty amazing. Sadly, my curly haired son is now bald these days. Lol

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  4. My daughter specifically asked me to die my hair. I would love to stop coloring, but unfortunately grey doesn’t look great on everyone. Some women look dazzling with grey hair though.

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