Rower’s Remorse Revisited

I’d forgotten about this piece! We haven’t been out in our kayak for awhile. Maybe it’s time to try it again. Maybe not.

The photos below were taken well after the post was first published. Those adorable girls are two of our five grandkids, McKayla and Harper, near our little lake.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

12 thoughts on “Rower’s Remorse Revisited”

  1. You stuck with it so that says something right!
    My family owned lake property when I was young. I got to paddle around in an old rickety row boat that leaked, sans life jacket, because why protect your kid from drowning in the green, tadpole infested little inlets and coves. I think they figured I was capable enough to making it to one of the log booms and then yelling for help until some adult heard me. I learned how to row in that boat though, tie up at a dock and get in and out all on my own. Vital skills I would say!

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      1. I ticked like there cos I wanted you to know I read your comment… Grandies… well… hard at times.
        I am minded in what you say there of a wee tale of my own…when I ran a private music and drama teaching biz and this kid who is now famous here as a comedian, who I taught all the years and aye knew would make it, came in greeting about his pet rat and how it had been flattened by a car. So after lifting this then kid off my shoulder and all and been told by his mother to get some work from him..aye right… (something I was never known for) I opened the book, the kids’ music book, spooky haunted stuff and said, ‘Let’s do this one about the ghost and Rupert.’ before I saw the frigging ghost was that of a pet rat Rupert had just run over on his bike. That was a big mop up operation….

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