Snapshot #211

I promise I’m not being lazy. Okay, maybe I am, but after hosting two teens and a tween for over a week, I believe I deserve a couple of days of laziness. Honestly, they were well-behaved and a ton of fun, but I’m having difficulty putting together a cohesive post because there’s just too much to process right now.

Yesterday I had to bid them goodbye, and I might’ve cried a little watching them file through the boarding gate at the Panama City airport. Seems like only yesterday two of them were running around my house in diapers. I know the summer visits won’t last forever, so I’m savoring them while I can.

We spent the morning exploring Panama City, and I thought I’d share one of our silly photos.

I call this one, Toes: Both Sandy and Broken.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

8 thoughts on “Snapshot #211”

      1. We all did cos we had no other choice BUT in many ways we never sneak off as grandies. I say to my Mr.. we never sneaked off as such as parents but the buck stopped with us if anything went wrong so you got to know the ways it wouldn’t and to still have YOUR time. BUT while you can hand the grandies back you actually are much more vigilant and fussy while letting them do what they like and all the stuff they don’t get to do at home….well I do…. cos no way would you face your own kid and say sorry but this happened. With your own you never batted an eyelid. So yeah it is quite draining at times…. A kinda funny double edged sword.

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  1. Lazy days are good days when you need them. I have a sore throat didn’t surface until 9.20 this morning. I needed that. Take your time, enjoy the peace. Lovely photo, one for the album.

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