These past couple of days I’ve been getting some odd “likes” on my blog. People with handles containing lots of random letters and numbers similar to “xton1235.ocwdx.com” and “strsex9542.swrdp.com.” Note, I didn’t use actual links, lest I trigger some response.

These “likers” never comment on my posts, so I don’t have an opportunity to mark them as spam, but they seem to follow even my comments on other posts, “liking” things I like and the comments I make.

Are any of my blogging friends seeing similar occurrences? I feel like something isn’t right with this sudden onslaught (there are at least ten different odd handles clicking the like button on my posts) am I being paranoid or should I be concerned?

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

17 thoughts on “Odd”

  1. Mine as well. None of them became a “follower” or I would have removed them. Even though their profile photo looked like regular folks, I did not trust them to be legit and I did not click on theirs for concern of starting something technical and they would get access to my files somehow. How is that for paranoia?

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  2. I have them too and I reported them to the wordpress forum. They are spam, all from the same spammers. They’ve blocked any new ones from that source, but so far they don’t have a way to take them off. I hope they will soon. For now I’ve stopped displaying comment likes.

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