A Pink Bicycle

I might have been five. My parents had taken me shopping at Sears in Lubbock for my first bicycle. There was one I really wanted. It was bright pink and had purple streamers attached to the grips. It was the most beautiful bike I’d ever seen.

My mommy and daddy tried to get me interested in a different bike. I don’t remember what it looked like, only that it had a lack of streamers. I’m sure it was more in line with their meager budget, but at the tender age of five budgets didn’t matter much.

I turned my back on the offensive bike, and I’m sure I stuck out my bottom lip and crossed my arms in protest, striking a petulant pose in the middle of the busy department store. When I turned back around, I was by myself. I thought my parents had left me because I was pouting about the bicycle. Suddenly all my anger evaporated and I began to wail.

A kind woman came and took me to customer service, but I was sobbing too hard to tell anyone my name. When my parents realized I hadn’t followed them out of the bike section they hurried to customer service to find me inconsolable. They hugged and fussed over me and finally I was able to calm down. They’d been “missing” for maybe five minutes. I’m 61 and I remember the separation like it happened yesterday.

So, let’s think about these children being separated from their parents at the border, their cries haunted my dreams last night. Let’s think about the trauma our trump-led government is inflicting on innocent children. Let’s pray that the harm we are doing isn’t permanent.

We will pay for what we are doing. Maybe not now, but we will watch these young people reach adulthood with righteous anger in their hearts. And we will deserve the consequences.

By the way, I got the plain bicycle, but Daddy put streamers on the handlebars and added a squeaky horn and a white wicker basket onto the front. I embraced it. I had a change of heart.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

18 thoughts on “A Pink Bicycle”

  1. The separation of children (and babies!) from their parents is nauseating and heart-breaking. American friends are taking what action they can, writing letters, and so on. I feel so helpless. What can Canadians do to put pressure on Trump’s administration? He’s using babies as political pawns to get his way, and it’s disgusting!

    I’m glad you got those streamers. I bet your rocked that bike!

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    1. Our poor excuse of a president is going to drag us through the mud. All we can do is speak out and rally the vote. We just hope our Canadian friends know that he doesn’t speak for the majority of us.


      1. Whoo, I am late in responding !

        We do know. We do. We saw the numbers after the election. The process is baffling, but in my mind, he wasn’t even elected.

        Somehow, we’ll all get through this with his name standing out as a very dark smear on the timeline of evolution.

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  2. The PTSD that has been triggered in every adult that was abandoned as a child should be the fuel to stop this administration. Making donations now to RAICES and ACLU . and calling my members of congress. again.

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  3. I think that most of us can remember the trauma of “losing” ones parents… if just for a moment. That anyone could turn their back on this tragedy and thinks it’s ok makes me wonder about their humanity. And that any of these emotional invalids could call themselves Christians is a disgrace.

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  4. I really didn’t see this post going the way it went. You struck a chord with me, a real raw deep chord, because you made me remember exactly what it felt like when I was small and lost and thought that I would never see my parents again. You homed in that feeling of terror and utter despair, and to think thousands of children are going through that right now is gut wrenching. I hope this president rots in hell. I really do. On another note, that is the sweetest, cutest smile on a child I ever did see! And my goodness, your face really hasn’t changed since childhood – I can see your features most clearly!

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    1. Thank you for this! I took a bit of heat for this post on FB. For the record, I hope he rots in hell, too. And thanks for your kind words—I had a pretty happy childhood and this picture kind of shows that.

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      1. Anybody who opposes these thoughts has no morality. I saw a post somewhere on the internet saying that the slaughter of the Jews during the Holocaust was ‘legal’ – it really isn’t a question of law, it is a question of having the basic humanity to treat other humans properly and not cause them trauma. Laws be damned. Laws were written to be broken, laws were written by humans, and not necessarily in the best interests of humanity. People who say ‘they broke the law’ can be damned along with Trump, for they have no heart!!!!!!! In other thoughts, yes this picture shows this most wonderfully.

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