Waiting on the Rain; Tired of the Pain

Early Saturday morning I took Studly Doright to the local emergency room. Nothing critical, but the nerve pain resulting from his recent surgery had gotten out of control, and nothing we tried could make him comfortable. His surgeon had told us that it would take six to eight weeks for the nerve pain to ease off. I sure hope it’s closer to the six week estimate. He’s miserable, and I’ve never felt so helpless.

We were impressed with the efficiency of the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital’s ER staff. Studly was taken to a room immediately and we were headed home within an hour. They were able to get his pain under control and while it’s still a factor, he can manage it now.

As for me, I’m feeling better every day. The diverticulitis seems to be under control. I’m still eating carefully, though. I’ve completely cut caffeine out of my diet, and now that the headaches have stopped I can tell a real difference. I’m sleeping better and all of those “sinus” headaches I’ve suffered from have become very rare. Something tells me those weren’t sinus headaches after all. I’m still avoiding alcohol, as well. I sure miss my wine, but I think I feel better without it.

Gosh, we sound like a couple of old farts. If the shoe fits, I suppose we should wear it.

Finally, a tropical storm is headed our way this afternoon. Our area is expected to get high winds and quite a bit of much needed rain. I’m really not ready for hurricane season, but hurricane season is ready for me.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

16 thoughts on “Waiting on the Rain; Tired of the Pain”

      1. Leslie, all told with that cold virus, then the flu and pneumonia ..oh then the broken rib, PLUS the Mr with his chest infection, cold virus and flu, we were off the market in some ways for about five months, just thinking over it all. It fair saps your confidence about basic things like getting out. The thought of redoing his play was a nightmare, I couldn’t look at it. I kept thinking…Tomorrow… And I’m not a lazy person-lol– Eventually you just get so sick of it all, truly and you long for your life back. So I well know where you are xxxxxxxxx

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      2. Not at all Leslie, I just know how awful it is when things go on and on and you just want your life back. And we were just saying that the other day, cos at one point the week before the rehearsals started Verdant got sticky wanting a fortune to rent it and we thought …get lost…no way can we break even cos it only holds so many for fire regs despite being huge. Anyway we were so happy NOT doing the play cos of these lost months BUT then a few days later back they came with a very much reduced quote and we felt it would be wrong when we can do, not to do. But part of that was also how unwell we had been xxxxx

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  1. That you’re there for him is all that matters, Leslie. My wife and I have an expression we use all the time: “Grow old with me!”

    I am watching Alberto tonight. You’re in the outer path but only for thunder storms. Batten the hatches but know you’re safe. – Marty

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