When Twitter Trolls Threaten

Not too long ago I contacted Twitter in regard to what I felt was an overt threat. “We know where to find you, and we are armed,” the tweet read. Twitter decided this was no cause for concern. What say you, friends?

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

29 thoughts on “When Twitter Trolls Threaten”

  1. Leslie, did you call your local police department to report the threat? ALSO, if the user had their location posted as some do, I would also contact the authorities in that city. In addition, I would make an FCC complaint to your internet provider. And I have noticed that neither twitter nor facebook is taking appropriate action towards these cowardly terrorists hiding at home behind their phone or desktop.

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    1. I agree with this advice. Regardless of whether the person is a gun toting maniac looking for prey or some bored 8 year old having her jollies, it should be taken as a serious threat by Twitter. I would absolutely report it to the police.

      I do hope the harassment ends soon. Who needs that?

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