A Toast to Studly Doright

We pulled off a surprise yesterday, and I’m still amazed that Studly Doright didn’t know what we were cooking up for him.

Several months ago I began plotting a 60th birthday surprise for my husband. I first called his mom in Texas and asked if it would be okay with her if Studly and I came to her home in Hereford for Thanksgiving. I told her I was hoping our children could make the trip, as well and surprise their dad for his birthday. She might have squealed a little. I took that as a yes, and the planning began.

I texted our daughter who lives in Illinois, and our son who resides in Dallas, crossing my fingers and holding my breath that they could make the trip. Almost instantly I received replies of “Yes!” from each of them, even though it wouldn’t be an easy trip. For my daughter and her husband who are in the middle of moving into a new home, this certainly wasn’t an ideal time to drive all night, with three kids in tow, but they did it. No hesitation. My heart is pretty full right now.

Up until the time Studly saw his children and grandchildren I didn’t think we had succeeded in surprising him. I’d accidentally said too many things over these last few weeks that might’ve given the whole thing away, but the tears in his eyes upon seeing our kids and their kids told me everything.

Today is Thanksgiving, and we’ll enjoy a huge lunch with our family at Saint Helen’s home. We’ll be surrounded by, not only our children and all five of our grandchildren, but Studly’s three sisters, his brother, various nieces and nephews, and in-laws and maybe even some outlaws. We still have a couple of smaller surprises for Studly, but I think he’s already considering this the best birthday ever.

I wrote a little piece of bad poetry to read as we toast his 60 years on earth. Here’s your sneak peak. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures to share tomorrow.

“A Toast for David”

Tall of stature

Short of patience

You’re over the hill

But not yet ancient

They tell me you were

A cute little baby

That’s hard to believe

After 60 years, yet maybe

Your eyes do have a twinkle

And your smile a boyish tilt

You’re still quite a charmer

And live life to the hilt

I’m glad that I found you

In that Piggly Wiggly store

Here’s to you turning 60

And here’s to many, many more.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

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