Exercises in Deep Breathing

A couple of days ago I shared a meme on Facebook that caused tempers to flare. I first included it in this post, but honestly, I feel like I’ve been through the ringer. ¡No más! So, I deleted it before publishing.

Basically the meme was a take on the whole “weather catastrophes are the fault of….(insert gays/feminists/atheists/Muslims, etc.).” only this one jokingly put the blame for Hurricane Harvey on Trump, and then asked, “see how ridiculous that sounds.”

Obviously I was trying to make a point about how ridiculous some of the wacky religious and/or political pundits sound when they blame catastrophic events on homosexuality or feminism or any number of unrelated events, so the amount of vitriol the post attracted was rather stunning. Clearly it was satire.

Was I not aware of the suffering people in coastal Texas and surrounding areas were experiencing? Well, yes, I am aware and have posted numerous links to responsible agencies who are accepting donations for victims of Hurricane Harvey, and I’ve donated to more than a few such organizations myself. If I thought I could be an asset instead of an aggravation I’d be volunteering there right now. The good folks of Houston and beyond are going to need help for many months to come, and I’ll help in whatever ways I can.

Have I no sense of shame? Certainly I do when shame is warranted. This isn’t one of those times.

What has happened to me? Apparently I used to be a good person, but I’m not anymore. Huh. I’ve always tried to do the right thing. I haven’t always been successful, but I look out for others and treat people kindly.

The meme is in poor taste! I don’t believe it is; however, cutting a proposed one billion dollars of funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s budget in order to finance a wall between the U.S. and Mexico is certainly crossing a line that far exceeds the realm of good taste, and I don’t see any of the folks who lambasted me over my meme having a meltdown over that.

Several folks lectured me on my morality and ethics. Oddly enough none of them would be my first choice were I to go in search of a teacher on those issues.

A thoughtful friend sent this to me after reading the battering posts. I take great comfort in good friends.

I continue to pray for all those affected by Harvey. Yes, I do. Even those who think I’m a bad person.

If you want to support a great organization that’s helping out folks who’ve lost everything to this devastating storm here are more verified links:



Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

26 thoughts on “Exercises in Deep Breathing”

  1. I think most people who read your Blog regularly know that you are a good person and you have a good heart ❤ I don't think the right are exactly innocent when it comes blaming other people either for the Hurricane *coughs* Ann Coulter…Unlike Ann Coulter though, you actually mean it as satire.

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  2. let me get this straight. you post politics on a public Facebook feed and are taken aback when you receive oppositional pushback from paid professionals, wannabe hacks, the thread lead, and tribal true believers.

    I’m shocked. Just what is this world coming too.

    And here I was under the impression that most of the politically cognizant were hip to heft and “have at it” of the on-line Trump trolls.

    A professional social media operation they are. Paid to spot and fire back at just the type of meme you posted. They get dollars to drive or divert any discussion that might disrupt or detract from the message of their client…in this case the President of The United States and his political allies.

    And your side is doing it too.

    True. All Hail to the Read, Swipe, and Skew

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    1. Oh, they were all family members. One even resorted to claiming my parents and grandparents (all deceased) would be ashamed of me. My swinger sis-in-law asked me if I had no shame. I just snorted in response. These were all people I know and who know me–most of whom I believed had shunned me on social media for good.

      But, the whole thing did highlight for me one of the big differences in hard core trump fans and the rest of us. Trumpeters see everything in black and white. There is no satire, no leeway.

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      1. So effort to compose my previous response was for naught.
        This was but a blood feud?
        Double Damn.
        Thank God I’m an orphan.
        Praise be!

        But you’re too damn fine a lady, Painted Toes, to put up with that kinda kinfolk crap, and too fine a stylist not to set the record straight, if you were to so desire.

        Maybe there just not worth working the words.

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      2. I’m a glutton for punishment I reckon. Even though that’s the only post of mine any of these people have responded to in months, some part of me knew there’d be blowback.

        I’ve been wondering lately if I hadn’t moved away from that area if I’d have become a deplorable. That’s a topic for a future post, I think. I hope I’d have seen through trump, but that old Texas panhandle is a mighty insulated place, and I know a good many well educated people there have latched onto trump like the second coming of Christ. It’s a scary thought to think of myself in an “Adorable Deplorable” tshirt, but if I’m honest with myself, it could’ve happened.

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      3. “Adorable Deplorable” is a vision I could easily conjure, but that suggest you have it in your soul to flirt with the proto-fascist of the American revanchist bent, and I can’t see any geographical gravity that could pull on you enough for you to even whisper…”blood and soil.”

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  3. Anyone who ses otherwise is the fuckwit(‘pardon my French ) And tomoz I will like yir post seeing as right now on wp I can’t. but mind what I say .) And know what …whatever you said some folks need to remember
    certain other words ” I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’ Alas in this world we live in we get taken down for saying what we never did. Fuck up if you ask me, x

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  4. I have found that it is just best not to comment on politics on Facebook. I use FB to connect with friends, past and present, through their family adventures, trials, triumphs, and daily lives. I know that may sound trivial, but that’s where I am in my life. I can read other people’s opinions and respect them without rancor, comment and/or hate. After all, what the world needs now is love … just love … on all sides.

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    1. I’m not sure who this is, but I agree to a certain point. The trick is to respond respectfully. I have been known to have a sarcastic retort (or two) for those I disagree with, but I’ve gotten much better at scrolling on by. Love is good. But doesn’t come without respect. On all sides.


  5. I will be anxiously awaiting your blog on “The Deplorables” as I’ve stated I just don’t understand how some of the people equate themselves (with pride) as a “deplorable” when referring to being a Trump supporter!! Do they not get that the “deplorable’s” that Hilary was referring to were Neo Nazi’s, White Supremacist, KKK, etc.. After D-day got elected I had acquaintances (family connected) put a picture of themselves and their friends on FB with the caption that said “We are the “Deplorable’s” that voted for Trump”!!!! They’re all white, with ages ranging from late teens to mid 70’s, with a mid to upper class socio economic status, living in an area that voted primarily for D-day as stated in a local newspaper’s article! So they’re “elitism” shows through!! But to connect yourself with these groups of people because you voted for him…. hmm… their pride should be their shame!!! Also, I’m fuming at D-day thinking he’s going to cut funds to FEMA to build a wall when our Mexican brothers and sisters sent help to Houston to help those in need!!!! Now who’s going to re-build all those houses, plant the crops needed to live, etc..that mainly our lovely Hispanic people do to make a living here in the already great America but not the so great UNITED States..let’s not fool ourselves, will it be upper white elitist.. I think not!! They’re all cutting of their noses to spite their ugly hearted faces!!! RESIST!!!

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    1. I think the deplorable label was unfortunate. It mobilized a great many people and they doubled down on their loyalty to trump. It’s weird what people will do in order to cling to their dogma.


      1. I agree! But to use it and not recognize who it was intended for!! Blows my mind!! You know when I get passionate about something I don’t give in!! lol!!

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