Go Fourth!

Double down on democracy, speak your mind, and honestly. Support a free press, and denounce those who’d silence

The Fourth Estate. A patriot is neither left nor right, but one who upholds the Constitution. Refuse to succumb

To the treachery of bluster and lies. We know better! Some have had their eyes clouded, others feel dismay,

Yet we are Americans. We believe in liberty, in justice, for ALL, and we will not be led astray by this sham of a leader.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

4 thoughts on “Go Fourth!”

  1. Yes, I believe in free speech. I guard it closely. I hope it is never taken away from us.
    I believe Trump is calling on the press to tell the truth, but they are not getting it, just being defensive. The first network that rises to honesty will be the one I return to watching.


      1. He is not a perfect man. But I’ve been watching him for years, and he is depicted inaccurately.

        I appreciate your honest thoughts. It’s good not to be afraid to share them. I want my country back, with constructive discourse.

        Like the First Continental Congress managed to pull together this country and make it a country, even though they had differing views.


  2. Many of us see freedom of speech and speaking up as stating what we want others to believe or that which is generally accepted. When we can all accept and believe that free speech is defending that which I may find abhorrent and those who speak it and advocate it, only then will we know freedom of speech.

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