Learning to Sleep Again

I overthink everything, even managing to overthink my tendency to overthink. Lately I’ve been overthinking about my inability to sleep. Granted, I do sleep better now than I did a couple of years ago, but there are still many nights when my brain refuses to shut off, nights when I feel like I have twice as many arms as a normal human and none of them can find a comfortable position in relation to my head or torso or legs.

As I engaged in overthinking I realized that part of the problem stemmed from the acres of clothing I seem to wear to bed. My simple nightshirt magically turns into a parachute-sized garment around midnight, and no matter how I turn or twist or reorient my body, it bunches up beneath me. Plus, my pajama bottoms ratchet up to my knees causing my calves to rub together and causing all sorts of unpleasant irritations. 

I liken my dilemma to that of the princess and the pea. No matter how small the annoyance, it becomes a boulder as I ache for sleep. 

I tried sleeping in the nude, but none of my body parts like touching each other. They need their own space, little divas that they are. Ideally, I should be allowed to sleep like a starfish taking up the entire bed; however, Studly Doright wouldn’t have a spot, and since he pays the rent I can’t very well shoo him away.

And honestly, I’m a side sleeper. Fetal position works best, but again, those darned body parts come into play. What I need is a mummy wrap. But then I’d get too hot, or I’d have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I can picture me in the throes of a hot flash or doing the potty dance, trying to unwind my wrappings as quickly as possible, and ultimately failing. 

So today I bought a sleep bra, and tonight I’m going to pair it with a pair of yoga pants. There’ll be no excess material to speak of, and just maybe I can prevent my arms from coming into contact with each other. I wonder how a straight jacket might work? 

Anyway, wish me luck. Better yet, wish me sleep. 

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

19 thoughts on “Learning to Sleep Again”

  1. Nice write about nighttime wardrobe and wakefulness. I feels ya. Me…I bamboozle the insomnia by draining the current bottle of bourbon, then peel off the label, slap it upon my forehead, and forty winks soon follow.

    Basil Hayden
    Lake Liquid Remedy,

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  2. As they say, some things are going to make you laugh or cry. Might as well laugh.

    I share your frustration with the lack of sleep, the overthinking of things, and the night clothes dilemma. Mostly, I aim for clothes that can be ripped off as quickly as possible while in the throes of a hot flash.

    Good luck and good sleep.

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    1. Ripping off is good. I did find that the fitted camisole tucked into my pajama bottoms kept me from fighting excess fabric. So, while I didn’t sleep much last night at least I wasn’t constantly striving to rearrange my sleep clothes.


  3. I loved this story. I sleep in the nude. My body parts touch but they’re well acquainted by now ;). I just have to remind myself that if I die in my sleep and that’s where they find my body to cart away, that I won’t care if I’m naked because I’ll be dead!

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