Still Mad

Jan Wilberg writes exactly how I’m feeling. Great piece.

Red's Wrap

Once at a stoplight, the man in the car next to me rolled down his window and told me to stop yelling at my kids. Well, actually, what he said was, “Take it easy, lady.”

I told him to mind his own business, then I tore off when the light changed to green, and kept yelling at my kids. Their offense? They all went nuts at the doctor’s office at once because it was shot day. They were running around, making me chase them, arguing, and the worst of all worst things that could happen with my kids, my older son was doing his loud “Stop hurting me!” yell every time I touched him. It was his favorite thing. I’d look at him and he’d start yelling and holding his arm.

It was mortifying. And, no, I never broke his arm.

I felt like that last night watching the news. I was…

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Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

2 thoughts on “Still Mad”

  1. I’m with her. I’m always angry. Blood Boil. But here in the hood we shared a snort and giggle over this last night. Here’s my facebook entry …”Here in deep blue inner city Chicago, there’s but one Trump supporter on our block. And he and his family just got back from a cruise. But not their Brazilian au pair. When the ship return to a US port, the young lady’s papers didn’t jibe and ICE gave her the cold shoulder and sent her packing, south of the border.”

    S. Snorkel
    Sea Hunt, Nevada

    And while I really enjoyed your “Pretty Blue Dress Blues,” I passed on liking it because you carried yourself real greasy in your cartoon comparison.

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