And When I Die

And When I Die
by Leslie Noyes

When I die I pray someone will mourn; that a song so achingly sweet will be offered up, and 

People will sob in response. I also want a celebration, though, a praise service with dancing in every aisle, 

Worshipful arms upstretched to the heavens. God only knows where I will turn up. I have not 

Lived a blameless life; how interminably boring that would be, But still, I think of the ecstasy of 

Being taken up by a heavenly host of angels, rising on wings of gossamer, when I die.

“Ascending Angels” by Steven Lavaggi

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

14 thoughts on “And When I Die”

  1. I fit the same profile as you i.e. One husband and Two dear cats.=, except I am fully retired from the workforce (thank goodness). I found your blog via discoveringsooz and was intrigued by this heading in your profile. I have been thinking about my own mortality just recently for some reason and have started a massive clean up of cupboards and rooms so that my children don’t have to sift through all this stuff and make decisions for me when the time comes. I have no reason to be thinking about my own demise but there you go, life’s like that sometimes. I love your poem and look forward to visiting your blog often.

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