Blasts from the Past

Any time I receive a package in the mail I get a little giddy, especially if the package isn’t expected. Double bonus giddiness if the return address indicates the package is from a good friend. Triple that giddy feeling when my friend, Flo, is the sender.

In the past, Flo has sent me hilarious cards and quirky books of poetry, so I couldn’t wait to open her newest correspondence. True to form, Flo shared some great stuff.

The card made me laugh out loud:

But the treasures behind the card are blasts from the past:

This brochure on food freezers didn’t have a copyright date, but I’d place it in the late 50’s to early 60’s. Look how happy the model appears displaying her frozen peas! 

On page 4 of the brochure there’s a tutorial on how to wrap foods for freezing. I have questions: What’s a stockinette, and how have I lived without one for all these years?

Oh! On the next page I found the definition:

This little book has some excellent charts for novice and experienced freezer users. And even as I giggle at the vintage photos and verbiage I know I’ll consult these charts in the future. 

Also in the package from Flo was this little gem from 1966:

Is she plotting to kill her lover with a quick spoon to the jugular? Is that jar a receptacle for the resulting blood? Did Marlo Thomas pose for this artwork?

Yes, you too can be envied and appreciated for your food preserving skills. Yes, you might even receive applause! 

Again, even as I’m giggling over these I’m seriously daydreaming about the applause and accolades.

Crowd of Admirers: Ooooh! Ahhh! Bravo! 

Me: (blushing): Honestly, it was nothing! I just whipped up thirty quarts of pickled beets and nine pints of cactus jelly while simultaneously juggling twins on both hips and swinging from a crystal chandelier so my hard working husband can concentrate on the manly chores I’m unqualified to perform. All while wearing a starched white apron over a chiffon gown with my dainty feet balanced on three-inch heels. 

Because, I’m a woman!
Thanks, Flo! 

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

17 thoughts on “Blasts from the Past”

  1. The way those old ads stereotyped women is amazing. Imagine that going on now. Anyway, I always thought stockinette’s were stockings for unusually short women…and perhaps, unusually short males a that persuasion. How one lives and learns!

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  2. Yeah. Nice thought, but I’m never going to be envied or appreciated for anything having to do with my kitchen. Still, kudos to your friend for sending you such hilarious stuff πŸ™‚

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