Trump’s Personal History with Immigrants

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We are all guilty of hypocrisy at some point in our lives on some level. I have been guilty of it in my parenting. While I never pretended to have been a paragon of virtue, my children do not know the scope my youthful transgressions. I’d rather be a role model they can aspire to emulate than have them see my experiences as validation to make the mistakes I made. I’d rather not have to say- do as I say not as I did. It is my flawed parenting style.

If we need another example of a role model of hypocrisy, Donald Trump comes to mind. The immigration policy he has set into motion under the guise of “they’re taking our jobs” is do as I say not as I have done on a grand scale.

We all know by now Donald Trump’s mother was a Scottish immigrant. She was…

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