Dystopian You

You stand on the corner of
Climate Change and Rising Seas
In the neighborhood of Zika,
Deep in the heart of
Nuclear Destruction.

Wave to North Korea’s crazy
Dictator across the Ocean of
Despair, one insult away from
Gracing us with a big, bad bomb
And a centuries deep winter.

Curtsy to Putin, our Russian pal,
His KGB ties beside the point.
Stand in bread lines with comrades
All. Take time to learn Cyrillic
Script for future reference.

Stockpile bandages and canned
Goods. Be sure to save the books and
Works of art. Listen, you won’t Remember when the boots come stomping And the knock comes in the night.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

9 thoughts on “Dystopian You”

      1. It’s all worrying. His relationship with Russia. Insulting China. Insulting Andrea Merkel. And his domestic plans are almost as frightening. His pick for education secretary wants to defund public schools and give vouchers to those who want to go to pricey public schools. His department of energy guy didn’t know his department was over nuclear weapons. It’s a bloody mess.

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      2. Well, unless he does something that is so heinous that it just cannot be ignored he’ll serve four years. He’s got his own party in both houses and as long as they find him useful they won’t move to impeach.

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