Flowers on the Edge

A glimpse of crimson
vibrant ribbon wrapped bouquet
teeters on the edge

In lieu of flowers
donations were requested
yet few guests complied

overspilling sprays
dwarfed my meager offering
but the dead don’t care

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

12 thoughts on “Flowers on the Edge”

      1. Bloody cold of late. My Raynaud syndrome (freezing cold hands; no feeling) is at its worst this time of the year. Basically, I been indoors, writing another ‘almost poetry’ book…finished, apart from the tarting up…and still working on the fiction one (much more difficult!). I thought of you the other day when I read that in Scotland they have banned airguns after an accident with one. I was thinking how much Obama would have loved to be able to have done that with proper guns, not just airguns! Speak again soon.

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      2. It is an utter pain in the btm. I’ve only been afflicted these last 1/2 dozen winters but for one with a love of street cafes it really is nuisance I could do without. I’ve been avoiding Trump posts on social media lately to stave off depression!

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  1. I guess donations are not obvious, but everybody sees the elaborate and showy displays. I think you’re probably right in implying that often all those flowers have more to do with showing off to the living than respecting the dead.

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