Who Did You Become?

On 11/9/2016
Who did you become?
A boaster, bragger
instant tagger
c’mon can’t we get
Or a nervous wreck
jumping at shadows
bad dreams of
four long
years to come?
a silenced nightmare
holding back
salty tears of
or an anointer,
bring it on,
free the monster
from his

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

11 thoughts on “Who Did You Become?”

    1. I have certainly had some political fiction in mind. Here’s a scenario I’m toying with–Trump institutes a Muslim registry. Christian wife registers as a Muslim to show solidarity. Family travels abroad, but wife isn’t allowed back in the states. She has to do some outrageous things to get back home. Humorous drama. Not sure I have the chops to pull it off, but have a draft in my head.

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      1. What a rookie….your scenario is great and a go….so why share, Pink Toes, on the world wide rip off, only to read your idea, poorly executed, in some quick to pick up some chump change e-book. Now go and delete that comment.


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