Mourning Fictional Characters

Caution: The Walking Dead and Outlander spoilers! 

Have you ever mourned a fictional character? A couple of nights ago I buried four of my most beloved fictional characters: Rollo, the wolf/dog from the Outlander books along with Henri-Christian, the youngest grandson of Jamie and Claire Fraser. Then on the Walking Dead the villain Neegan killed Abraham and Glenn. And still I reported for work this morning. Talk about stamina!

Rollo has died and I’m bereft. Old age took this faithful canine and now only Ian is left.

Buried near him is the sweet dwarf, grandson to Claire and Jamie. I couldn’t believe they

Took him from us, he was still a baby. And what about Glenn on the Walking Dead, his

Head bashed in by Negan? Along with Abraham who felt the weight of the vampire bat,

Lucille. Fictional characters are people, too, and mourning their deaths is redemption

For all the time we’ve spent with them and the pleasure they’ve given without exception.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

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