Hymns and Hell

Sweet hymn fills my soul
clear voices lifted in praise
on this rock I stand.

Heed the song’s message
Jesus loves all the children
not just those like us.

And on Judgement Day
when the trumpets sound their call
He will know your truth.

I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking lately about faith, religion, and politics. You see, one day this week a “Christian” woman informed me in a tone seething with hatred that I was bound for hell if I voted for Hillary. I smiled and promised that I’d be sure to save her a seat.

Christians come in basically two types of wrappings: those who are of the hellfire and damnation persuasion and those who follow Christ’s teachings. I’m pretty happy being in the second camp. 

I have many non-Christian friends, among them Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, agnostics, and atheists, and I learned a long time ago that goodness and decency aren’t the sole property of Christians. And those same virtues are sorely lacking in some who claim Christianity as their religion.

Heaven and Hell? Well, they might exist, but I know that how I treat others in this life is more important than any promise or threat of an afterlife. One other thing I know is that my teacher, Jesus, wouldn’t turn His back on refugees. 

Peace, people

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

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