News Flash for Mr. Trump

You’d better believe it.

Red's Wrap

Anybody who is surprised and indignant today because Donald Trump was caught on tape talking about grabbing somebody’s pussy is a queen-size fool.

What did y’all think? That he was blustery and offensive in public but polite and respectful in private? That he was just saying that crude stuff about women to giant audiences to get a rise out of them? That it was just for fun? For entertainment?

This shit is real, folks. Donald Trump doesn’t even remotely consider women as equal. Oh, he’s got a bit of exceptionalism going with his very smart and apparently very attractive (to him) daughter, Ivanka. She might be considered his equal. But she’s clearly, in his view, an exceptional person, not like other women. Not like us.

We’re either pussy or we’re not. Very simple dichotomy for Mr. Trump. Worth grabbing or not worth grabbing.

His sexism isn’t just a foible, an…

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Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

4 thoughts on “News Flash for Mr. Trump”

  1. I saw the comment from the disturbed individual on Twitter, I’d consider publishing it on here so there’s a record of how far they say they’d go for that which they believe in. It’s useful for future reference and for others to know just what kind of person they’re dealing with. Though I understand entirely if you just don’t wish to engage with such folks. *nod* (You needn’t postbthis comment either if you’d rather not have the twitter info mentioned either). Some real evil sorts on the web. Tsk.

    – esme upon the Cloud

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