Exodus Angst

Studly Doright and I didn’t have to evacuate for Hurricane Matthew. Tallahassee is far enough west of the Atlantic that we might not even get any significant rainfall from the storm. However, we are experiencing an unpleasant influx of folks running from the hurricane, and I have strong feelings about that. 

I stopped at the truck stop nearest our home this morning where the queue for the gas pumps was ridiculous! I waited an unthinkable five minutes before having to pay $2.29 a gallon for my gas. Can you imagine? It was outrageous!

Once inside I had to stand in line behind ten people just to get to the Cinnabon counter, and by the time I was served, my favorite Cinnaminis had been decimated. I cry “Foul!” Plus, several of those in line didn’t even look or sound like Floridians. I suppose some of them might be good people, but I swear I heard New York accents. 

Dadgum refugees in their Bermuda shorts and sundresses. Should have brought their own snacks instead of taking my valuable resources. And they’re clogging up MY roads and my restaurants and my movie theatres. Stupid east coast migrants. Don’t they know we barely have enough to survive without the burden of caring for them? Maybe the Florida panhandle should secede from the rest of the state. Build a wall. Make Tallahassee great again. 

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

15 thoughts on “Exodus Angst”

  1. Absolutely correct! We on the West Coast suffered the same dire-ness! Imagine them sleeping in our school gymnasia! They don’t pay taxes here! Why should I have to pay for their Twinkies and bottled water just so they could live on some island in the Atlantic Ocean? Unfair!

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      1. Yes, just lots of debris and a few store signs got mangled. We were without power for 48 hours and no Internet or cable tv for 72 hours. But we are fine. We are, however, discussing our possible move to St. Augustine next year given the flooding they had.

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