Best Laid Plans

Studly Doright never sets an alarm. He’s been getting up at the same early hour for the past 40 odd years now unless he’s sick or on vacation. So when I realized he was still in bed at 6:42 this Friday morning I immediately checked to see if he was still breathing.  

Having confirmed that was still among the living I shook him vigorously. “Hey! You’re still in bed.” 

“Mmphm,” he replied.

“You are late for work,” I persisted.

“Not going in today,” he mumbled. 


“I’m taking you to the beach for your birthday.”

Well, alrighty then!”

So here I am, sitting outside a hotel in Destin, FL. There’s not a beach within a mile.

“I swear,” Studly swears. “I booked us a room at the beach.”

There might be a reason I always book the hotels. Sigh. 

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

17 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans”

  1. Happy birthday! My husband once booked us into a very fancy spa for my birthday. After we checked in, we discovered that not only did they not have TVs or allow newspapers (no outside influences to taint your relaxation), they also didn’t serve any alcohol or anything with caffeine in it. Worst birthday of my life. 😀

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