A Knotty Ode and a Knotty Tongue Twister

Some silly poetry today. I’ve always enjoyed the whimsical poems of Ogden Nash, and attempted to channel him a bit in these two offerings:

“Ode to a Knot”
–by Leslie Noyes–

Perhaps invention of the wheel
Earns history’s highest spot,
Yet, I would argue heartily
In favor of the knot.

Kudos to the underdogs
Who ventured out of frame,
To find a better method
Of fastening everything.

Whosoever first declared,
“Look I’ve found a way
To hold my furs up comfortably
And make them firmly stay!”

And she who finally realized
Her stitches would best remain
When tidy knots were employed
At both ends of the same.

You may argue for the wheel
Or for microprocessing chips
As for me I’ll sing knots’ praise
As mankind’s greatest gift.


“The Knot’s Untying”
–by Leslie Noyes–

”Twas not the knot’s fault
For not holding taut.
The knotter was for naught,
And herself poorly taught.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

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