Watching My Husband Work

watching my husband work at his job,
you know I love him so,
is somehow akin to watching paint dry
or listening to spring grass grow.

Explanation, Studly Doright called earlier and asked if I’d come to his office in Tallahassee so we can run some errands when he gets through with work this afternoon. Like an idiot, I said “yes.” So here I am watching him type and listening to him make major decisions via phone calls. 

I did spot this oldie but goodie photo of the two of us. It was taken in ’04 at his office’s Christmas party in Orlando. Honestly I thought I was fat back then! Oh to be that fat again. I’m sad to report, Studly still owns, and wears, that awful gold sweater.


Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

20 thoughts on “Watching My Husband Work”

    1. You are so sweet. We lived near Orlando at the time and the party was held in the penthouse of a luxury hotel, so I went all out. Had my makeup professionally done. The woman who did it had worked on movie sets and with real celebrities. She worked a miracle that night. I only can dream of looking as pretty as I did that night!

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