That’s Not What I Meant to Say

Forgive me, but my language might get a little graphic here. Saint Helen, don’t read this one, or if you do, read it with your eyes closed.

I engaged in a verbal battle with a Trump supporter on Facebook. I would have ignored him, but he called Hillary the “c” word, and I don’t mean “Clinton.” My intention was to call him “An asshole with typing capabilities” but autocorrect kept changing it to “ashore.” 

The sentence, “apparently you’re an ashore with typing capabilities” isn’t witty repartee. Heck, it doesn’t even make sense. I finally gave up and told him to piss off,  which Autocorrect changed immediately to “pus” off. And that’s just gross.

While I’m speaking of autocorrect, has anyone besides me ever noticed that when you’ve mistyped a word and replacement options are given often they don’t even vaguely resemble the word you had in mind? I once was offered the word “Illinois” when trying to type “loving” in a poem. Granted, I’d gotten the word started with an i instead of an l, but in what context does “His Illinois arms” make sense?

Ok, I feel better now. I’m going to go give that Facebook troll a pizza of my mind. 


Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

18 thoughts on “That’s Not What I Meant to Say”

  1. Hahaha ohh yes, the glorious autocorrect has made my serious point into a humours one with great annoyance. Just doesn’t deliver (which just tried to autocorrect to diligent) the same punch if you have to quickly send the right word straight after.
    My most recent is texting my husband about a new brand of musli he had purchased. What I meant to text was ‘Hey, the musli you got is really nice.’ Instead what he received was, ‘Hey, the Muslim you got is really nice.’ He was thoroughly entertaining by it, while I was disturbed.

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  2. I hate autocorrect too. When I try to reply to comments on my smartphone or my iPad, I end up with all sorts of misspelled garbage. It’s only when I use my computer for blogging that my garbage is spelled properly.

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