Trial Separation

“Trial Separation”

Relax, Studly Doright and I aren’t splitting the sheets. Heck, after 40 years of marriage it would be a little ridiculous to call the whole thing off just when life is getting good. Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t days when I have to restrain myself from throwing him out a window. 

Studly outweighs me by about a hundred pounds, though, so he’s probably safe. Plus we live in a single story home, but don’t think I haven’t occasionally wondered what a good surprise shove might accomplish. (Note to self: delete this post in case of police inquiry.)

No, I’ve decided for the sake of my sanity to take a break from Facebook. This might not sound like a huge issue for most folks who check in once or twice a day to see what’s going on with their friends, but I have an addiction to this social network, spending as much as two hours a day scrolling through FB statuses on my phone.

I know that’s sad, but in my defense after so many cross country moves Facebook has become my best means of keeping in touch with family and friends. Lately, though, I feel such anger and disappointment that I’m not sure I want to keep in touch with anyone via Facebook. 

Of course my own sense of right and wrong is to blame here. Increasingly I have found it more difficult to ignore the racist comments and the outright lies being peddled as truths. Rather than call someone out as being a lying sack of shit, I’ve chosen to separate from them for a bit. How’s that for diplomacy?

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

26 thoughts on “Trial Separation”

  1. You must have been reading my mind Leslie. There was a time when the cats, cakes and kids on FB used to send me insane, yet right now the know-all opinionated intellectually challenged in that place are ‘doing my brain in’. Good luck to you.

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      1. On a personal level; having read your comments I think you stay in remarkable control and in many respects would advise you to carry on with FB. I know with Trump and Brexit the world looks vile, yet you are one who tells it like it is.

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      2. Well Leslie what I can tell you is that Shirl and I like your take on the world. OK, we might be of the same view on world issues…it matters not. Your satirical take is all…sod the rest. So you upset a few f wits every so often, you’re braver than me young lady.

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      1. That’s true, and the ability to be concise is certainly a writing skill worth having. Unfortunately, quite a number of the concise messages I read when I used to use Twitter were four sentences of only four words long, the last three of which were “is an idiot!”

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  2. The only reason I really can’t quit FB right now is that it’s the place where I stay in touch with local political organizations. Otherwise, the rest of the nonsense which floods my newsfeed every day…yeah, I would gladly do without.

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      1. Yes, yes I did. It was a very scary experience. Trump sounded quite fascist with his promises of making crime and violence and all problems go away. Not a good thing to hear. I was assuming that it was rabid Trump fans driving you away from Facebook?

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