I couldn’t help but notice that 2nd Amendment bumper sticker next to the

Confederate flag emblem and the Trump for President sign on your white pickup

Truck. I raised my hand to wave my middle finger, but was afraid you’d take it as an

Invitation, so instead I mustered a smile and entertained happy thoughts of the 

Donald being dissolved in a vat of acid while wrapped in the stars and bars of a 

Symbol from America’s racist past. My momma always told me that ladies don’t

Flip the bird, but she said nothing about imagining the gruesome end of a would-be

Tyrant and his dangerous rhetoric. Being ladylike never felt so good.


Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

8 thoughts on “Outrageous”

  1. A Mad Materialist is the presumptive Presidential nominee of a United States political party most closely identified with religious Americans in general and Christian evangelicals in particular. Ain’t the enlightenment the cat’s pajamas. Sorry Patches, sleep tight Scout. And the Cubs lost, and my sites are going stale, and I’d rather pour bourbon than write, and listen to night time music on the you tube radio :

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      1. Being ladylike is being ANYTHING you want to be. There is a time for politeness and a time for the middle finger… but refusing to be nothing more than a plaything for men: fighting for the vote, and so on is just the kind of “Lady-like” the world needs. About f**king time patriarchal domination was replaced by men and women working together to replace the glass ceiling with an ascending staircase for talented women to do the work they dream of, to join men in this privilege. Imagine what we could all do together when women finally can join us us men at the table without their womb, breasts, or ass being the measurement of their potential, ability, or worth? We can call Laurie Anderson a creative genius… and it is high time we should also be able call a qualified President, Ms., Mrs. or Ma’am.

        Be lady-like and give Trump the finger!! It is EXACTLY what he deserves… from all women and men.

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