Keeping Count

I measured out the moments, one by one and piece by piece

Too many to count and too many to be dismissed.

Life slips by in those imperceptible increments,

And now I’ve lost the numbers so how will I know

When the sands have run out and I can no longer account

For the seconds left in the reckoning. It’s anyone’s guess.


Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

6 thoughts on “Keeping Count”

  1. what’s with you and tags….”death” ….and how ecumenical you bracket this verse with “life” …”It’s anyone’s guess.” is a punch line betrayed…now if I ran across some poesy with the tag…”expiry” the reader becomes the hammer, not the nail… you’re a much better poet…word slinger, than you know…

    Pastoral In Chicago

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      1. Not my point, painted toes. The poem is fine, and speaks well to an unfortunate universal. My beef is, the tags tip your hand, and act as tells to the reader…trust them to read the cards you deal, or to not.

        The Moose Puppy Walker

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  2. If I might be so presumptuous:

    Poem 12-4-14

    Line by line
    to pronounce and parse…

    Yes, but.
    I read not, the poem,
    I overhear the poet

    a colloquy of an unconscious conspiracy,
    I suspect…
    This semi-scripted eavesdrop

    a listen in,
    to a well routed happenstance,

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