Adopt; Don’t Shop: Doggy Edition

I love volunteering as a Kitten Cuddler at Tallahassee Animal Services. The two hours spent at the shelter on Wednesday afternoons are the best part of my week. This afternoon, though, there were just four cats! 

We had a big adoption event over the weekend and most of our kitties found new homes. Yippee! Now they’re out there getting used to being loved and pampered, and that’s how it should be.

The downside was that it took me all of fifteen minutes to do the basic chores, like cleaning kennels and petting cats. I helped with the laundry, but even that wasn’t a huge job this week. So I went to the dog side, and had a ball, and a couple of squeaky toys.

At TAS the well-behaved dogs get to participate in play groups. I haven’t been trained to oversee a group, but there is an observation area where I could watch the fun. 

I had almost as much fun watching as the dogs had playing. One dog was a clown, interacting playfully with every other dog in the group.

That’s Chip, above. He’s a charmer. Laid back and cool as a cucumber, but always up for a good time. 

I’m not ready to be more involved with the canines. Cats are more my speed, but dogs like Chip almost make me reconsider.

Go find your perfect friend at a shelter near you. 

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

2 thoughts on “Adopt; Don’t Shop: Doggy Edition”

  1. We had a cat, Alaska, for 20 years. I can’t pull the trigger to adopt/rescue another. But we keep getting those damn K9’s. You should grab that charmer Chip. I bet he’d get hip to your ways pretty quick. Yes adopt… don’t shop.

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