Wood Rot: The Poet’s Friend

The evidence was clear

A small damp spot on the

Old door frame.

Damaged wood, 

Fibrous, spongy

Clearly no good.

What’s the thought?

New molding should

Be bought to replace

This nasty wood rot.

After all wood should

Be sturdy and strong

And this wood is not.

This bit of nonsense was inspired by a conversation with an author whose blog I follow. Her name is Ellen Hawley and her wonderful blog can be found at:


I don’t believe you’ll find anything concerning wood rot on her site though. Just lots of witty and insightful observations from an American living in Cornwall.

Peace, People.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

9 thoughts on “Wood Rot: The Poet’s Friend”

    1. As I recall Ellen and I were discussing blog stats and I commented on wondering why someone from North Korea would be interested in reading my poem on wood rot. She felt that perhaps wood rot was a universal concern or that maybe it transcended nationalities. But then I realized I’d never actually written a poem about wood rot, but that since both “wood” and “rot” are so rhymeable that I should do so posthaste. I hope this explains it all. Thanks for reading!


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