In Favor of Charlie Hunnam

Knowing that Studly Doright and I are motorcyclists, well-meaning friends have often recommended the series, Sons of Anarchy. Until recently we’ve always laughed and said, “We aren’t that kind of bikers.”

Nevertheless, we finally broke down and began watching the show. Now, two seasons in, we’ve got a few observations:

1) Trade the bikes for horses and you’ve basically got Yellowstone.

2) Katie Sagal is awesome as Gemma.

3) Charlie Hunnam is hot. Okay, that’s my observation. Studly wants you to know that he’s not on board with that.

4) It’s a violent show and we’re trying to decide if we’ll continue watching.

5) Charlie Hunnam is still hot, so we (I) probably will watch ‘til the end.

Peace, people.

Yellowstone, Finally

Studly Doright and I resisted watching Yellowstone for as long as possible. I was a bit of a snob about it: Me? Watch a silly nighttime soap opera? Puhlease! I’ve much better things to do.

Two weeks in and we’re both hooked. Just don’t take me to the train station in case I decide to leave the ranch. I’ll keep the family secrets. I promise. But those Duttons—whew.

Peace, and giddyup people.

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