Rules to Live By

The title is a bit lofty, isn’t it? It should read, “Rules I must abide by 90% of the time just for the hell of it.” But that’s just too long.

You see, since I discovered Wordle I have made it a habit to solve it first thing in the morning—before I get out of bed. And then I learned about quordle. It’s four wordle puzzles in one. A little harder, but usually solvable—again before rising.

But, then Octordle came along. It’s like wordle on steroids—eight wordle puzzles. Lots of fun! But I must solve it first thing in the morning, as well.

The same goes for Wordle 2, a six-letter version of the original Wordle game. It’s my favorite of the bunch.

Now this may sound daunting, but usually I can solve all the puzzles within a 20-minute time span.

And then I play Framed. It’s not about words at all.

Would you believe me if I said all these puzzles help with the writing process? No, I’m not buying it either.

Peace, people!

Wordle Anyone?

I’m a so-so Wordle player. Generally, I require four or more guesses to come up with a common five-letter word. And several times I haven’t gotten the correct answer at all. That’s rather embarrassing for someone who claims to have a well-rounded vocabulary.

This morning, however, this happened:

Wordle 229 2/6


All those green squares on the second row indicate that I guessed the correct word on the second try. It’s far too early for a celebratory glass of wine, so I believe I’ll reward myself with another half hour in bed.

Peace, people!

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