No Passport Needed

It’s 5:30 on a Saturday morning. Scout, the alarm clock cat, decided it was time for Studly Doright to get up and tend to her needs before heading to the golf course. I’m still in bed reveling in memories of a night of extraordinary (for me) sleep.

A few minutes ago I realized that the post at the foot of my bed resembles one of the Moai statues on Easter Island. I’ve captioned the photos, below, so no one confuses my bedpost with a moai.


Saved myself a few bucks and hours of travel, now didn’t I?

(Seriously, I’d still like to see the real moai in person)

Peace, people!

Hurricane Cat

We adopted our precious cat, Scout, after Hurricane Charley in 2004. We lived in Melbourne, Florida, at the time, and Scout along with her brother had been found wandering alone once the storm passed through our area. I wrote a story about her adoption, and it never fails to make me cry. That’s like laughing at one’s own joke, I suppose.

Scout is now around fourteen years old. She’s still playful and likes to play fetch. She sleeps more than she once did, but she’s still a sweet cat who loves to snuggle. Some day we’ll have to say goodbye to our Scout, but we hope we’ll be graced with her presence for many more years.

I found her snoozing on a fresh from the dryer towel one afternoon. That’s my girl.

Peace, people.

Peppermint Scented Cat

Whiskers a foot long
Her black coat soft, tinged with gray
Smells of peppermint

My own bonny cat
Thirteen years to her credit
Smells of peppermint

Like a dowager
Awaiting a grandchild’s call
Smells of peppermint

Luxuriant pose
Paws stretch horizontally
Smells of peppermint

Scout, my feline fair
Lingered, languished within sheets
Smells of peppermint

I’ve been trying to ward off spiders by using peppermint essential oils mixed with water as a spray for our bedding. Scout, our older cat, has become something of a peppermint junkie. She lounges about on my bed all day, smells wonderful, and seems to be spider-free.

peace, people!

When One Cat Cannot Find the Other 

What a commotion she makes when her sister goes missing

Even though when they’re paired there’s often much hissing

Rooower! Rooower! Scout calls as she wanders

Come out! Right now! Where are you? She ponders.

When finally lured from her best hiding place

Patches stretches long, with disdain on her face.

Dear sister, Patches yawns, I was here all along

Why did you disturb me with your strident song?

But Scout is oblivious having now claimed

The comfortable spot on which Patches had lain.


Crafty cat Scout


Gullible sister Patches

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