The New Year Approacheth

As the final few hours of 2016 tick away, Studly is yawning and I’m in my p.j.s.

Invitations? We had a few, but decided on spending a quiet night for two.

We’ll watch college football until 10 or so, then off to our bed we’ll gladly go.

At midnight I’ll give Studly a kiss; he’ll mumble I love you and return to his bliss.

The ball will drop in New York City, while my man and I snore along with our kitties.

Happy New Year to all, may this one be great, however you choose to celebrate.

Peace, people.

Only 93 Views Short of My Best Month

Why do the stats on my WordPress page fascinate me so? I’m not a competitive person, but as my day and month draws near to a close I find myself 93 guess short of making this my best month ever. IMG_1971.JPG

That’s me. It feels impossible, but I can at least try! C’mon people. View me!!!

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