Just for the Record

I was searching for something; although, I can no longer remember what that was. I’d looked in my closet, and I’d searched the master bedroom. I looked in the Texas bedroom (so called because I’ve got lots of kitschy Texas stuff displayed there). I searched the office with its multitude of drawers and cabinets.

Having failed to find whatever the heck it was I was searching for in any of the places mentioned above, I opened the door to the antique bedroom. It’s a rather small room and crowded with antique furnishings, so I don’t have much room to store things in there. Surely whatever the heck I’d been searching for wasn’t in there, but I should at least check before ruling it out.

As soon as I entered the room a horrible smell akin to that of a bundle of athletic socks that had been worn through eighteen consecutive sweaty workouts and then stuffed into a green duffel bag and stored in a musty locker greeted me.

I found the problem immediately. Just for the record the carpet in the antique bedroom is not supposed to look like this.

Mold shouldn’t be growing on the baseboard, and the carpet really shouldn’t make “squish, squish” sounds when one walks from point A to point B. I’m not a plumber, but I know a problem when I step in it.

Studly Doright arrived home soon after my discovery. With little fanfare I led him to the room where he immediately did what guys like Studly do:

After much cutting and cursing, grunting and grumbling, Studly determined absolutely nothing beyond the need to call a plumber.

Now there are two boxes of family keepsakes that had been stored on the floor in the closet of the antique bedroom drying on various surfaces in the kitchen.

Fortunately I don’t think anything important was ruined, but it was a near thing. So even though I never found whatever the hell it was I’d been searching for, my search did prevent a catastrophe. As my friend Hunny says, “I’m a lucky, lucky girl.”

Peace, people.

The Force Awakened, But I Forgot To

If one placed Star Wars geeks on a numbered continuum with ZERO being anyone who’d never seen the films and didn’t particularly care to and TEN being someone who began spasming five years  ago when the newest sequel was announced and hasn’t had a particularly sane moment since, I’d fall somewhere around an EIGHT. 

You need proof? One portion of our bedroom is something of a shrine to Star Wars. I have action figures of Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo, a large Yoda hand puppet, and a bank featuring a beeping R2D2 and talking C3PO. I have characters from the extended universe, numerous Star Wars themed mugs, tshirts, and books. My television remote is a light saber. I’ve seen Episodes IV, V, and VI hundreds of times each and can quote the dialogue verbatim. Yes, I’m a bonafide fan.

I remember the delicious thrill I got when I first heard the news of a new Star Wars film in the making. I might have squealed. Ok, I’m sure I squealed. Studly Doright thought I was a trying to pass a kidney stone. Good thing he didn’t go into medicine.

It felt as if those five years would never pass, but thanks to the Disney machine and Facebook there were plenty of hints and tidbits to feed those of us hungry for any link to the future release, and all of a sudden the day is here!!! Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens has arrived.

I played it cool. After all there was absolutely no reason for me to see the movie at midnight. I’d set my alarm and be in line for the 9 a.m. showing on Friday. 

My excitement last night was intense. Instead of singing Christmas carols I was humming theme music from the films. The coffee maker was set to make a nice pot of caffeine to help me wake up. My clothing for the event was laid out. And I overslept. 

After my initial, “Oh Crap!” moment I showered, skipped the coffee, threw on my clothes, and rushed to the theater only to find the line snaked around the mall. Crap. So I stood in another line and purchased tickets to the 11 a.m. showing that had decent reserved seats remaining. It won’t be IMAX 3D, but hey, I didn’t see episode IV in 3D. So I guess I’m going old school on this one. When Studly’s ready to see the film in a couple of weeks I’ll insist on 3D, but for now I just need to see this film.

As I’m typing this it is 9:49 local (Central) time. In a little more than an hour I will gladly enter a galaxy far, far away. So I had a slight malfunction. Han will make it better.  “Uh, we had a slight weapons malfunction, but uh… everything’s perfectly all right now. We’re fine. We’re all fine here now, thank you.” (Winces.) “Uh, how are you?”–Han Solo, Episode IV, A New Hope.


Peace, people!

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