Trivia Win

Last night I stayed up late (okay, past nine p.m.), having played trivia at a local wings place with Meetup group friends. Six of us showed up and we appeared to have a good mix of seasoned women my age and a couple of younger women.

Right off the bat, though, we had a problem. No other teams showed up to play. What to do? Simple—we split into three teams. So, it wasn’t ideal for chatting, but we made it work.

I was one of the lucky ones because I had a younger teammate. She knew the 90’s music and artists while I knew stuff like, “At which US president’s inauguration did Maya Angelou read a poem?” and “In the Napoleon Dynamite movie which character married LaFawnduh?” You know, weighty stuff.

Kip and Lawfawnduh

We won first place and performed a victory dance. Well, I did a victory dance while my teammate ducked her head in embarrassment, but still…I wonder if that’s why she left ahead of the rest of us?

With just three teams, we finished the game early and then had time to chat for a bit. I had the farthest to drive so I brought my winnings (a $10 coupon for food at the grill) back to Doright Manor and celebrated by taking two Tylenol and going to bed. Ah! Living the good life.

Peace, people.

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