In Spite of Me

My knee seems to be healing nicely from arthroscopic surgery, no thanks to me. Last night Studly Doright commented on just how well I was doing.

“You’re hardly whining at all,” he said.

I thanked him, then said, “I just can’t believe how little pain I’m having.” And followed that statement up with an abrupt movement, a quick bend of the knee, that had me in tears.

So all night I worried that I’d undone all the good the surgeon had done. I iced the knee with a vengeance (like regular icing, only with a great deal of scowling), and kept it elevated.

This morning I’m fairly certain no real harm was done, but I feel chastened and now have no plans to move my knee ever again. Ever.

Peace, people.

Knee Jerk Reaction

My right knee seems to be doing well following the arthroscopic procedure I had on Wednesday. I can’t take the dressings off for another thirty hours or so, but the pain is minimal.

The white compression knee-high hosiery is so not chic, but will be my constant fashion accessory until the follow up appointment on the 14th of December. I will wear it faithfully for I fear blood clots like some people fear spiders and snakes. And I don’t know why. I think maybe a distant relative died due to one (a blood clot, not a snake; although, that might’ve happened, as well), and the fear infected me in my youth.

I attempted to write yesterday, but the knee literally got in the way, sitting there like a smug, fat lump just beyond the edge of my computer. So I gave up and watched Hallmark Christmas movies, then dozed to images of square-jawed, flannel wearing men selling Christmas trees. Today, I’ll give it another go.

Peace, people!

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