What in the Pangean World?


The link attached allows one to plug his/her address into an interactive map in order to see what their area of residence has looked like through the millennia.

In my case, Doright Manor wouldn’t have even been a possibility 700 million years ago, because the tectonic plates weren’t yet in place. Somewhere between then and the 640 million mark enough movement occurred to allow for the beginnings of Florida.

Am I the only one who finds this fascinating?

Peace, people!




hands that carve or dig or plane,
roughed up, describe a textured

tale of hard years and harder days
whether laid end to end or stacked

in geologic layers: holocene, triassic,
permian. no oil struck or fossils

unearthed. jutting epidermal extensions,
thumb worn, subconsciously worrying

round and round. callous, unfeeling? or ultimate badge of survival?