I Feel Almost Human

I would personally like to thank the makers of Excedrin Migraine for helping me feel somewhat human today. The diverticulitis has been a real b*tch, but the accompanying headaches have compounded my intestinal distress. You, dear readers, should be counting your lucky stars that you are nowhere near Doright Manor. I have been a whiny, icky mess.

Studly Doright, fresh off of back surgery, has had to take care of me even as have I tried to care for him. We’re like a pair of topsy turvy turtles trying to right each other.


Neither of us is old. Yet. But this experience has begun to make me think about the days to come when we will surely need assistance. Our kids assure us they will find us a quality assisted living home when the time is right. I just want a place that will feed me three square meals a day and bring me Excedrin when I ring a little bell. I can’t get Studly to do that.

Peace, people!