Musical Musings

Dissonance, we’re told, followed by harmonic resolution, heightens emotions, takes us beyond the ordinary.

One chord away from our comfort zones, straining our understanding, challenging our deepest beliefs.

Every piece worth keeping keels on an edge of unease, hiding a slip of protest between the lines, so we may join the refrain.

Poetry Slam

Wham! Bam! Thank you, Ma’am

Get on the floor for the poetry slam

Don’t be shy and don’t ask why

Just find your rhyme and jam.

Everyone’s got a bit of poesy

Running through their veins.

Sing it or swing it or talk it out

Make a noise, a joyful, raucous

Boisterous poetic contribution

Shout it from the tallest tower

Forget your grown up hang ups

Hang a left at the corner of meter

Where Iambic pentameter plays

And dissonance, resonance, even

Romantic persuasion hold sway.

Pour out your heart and find your soul

Rock and roll and take no prisoners.

Peace, people.


I’d love to be part of a poetry slam. Even if it scares me to death!