When it comes to dancing, it’s hard to beat a good waltz. I learned how to navigate a waltz with my high school and college friend, Roy. Even though I believe he was gritting his teeth every time I pulled him onto a dance floor, times when he could have been dancing with a more capable partner, he never turned me down. Roy was a good man, and I doubt I’ll ever have the pleasure of dancing with a better dancer than he was. I hope he’s waltzing in heaven.

So, back to waltzes. I’m not talking about a Viennese waltz; although, I think I’d enjoy that, too. I‘m referring to the country version of the dance. Songs like, “Love on a Hot Afternoon,” and “Waltz Across Texas.” There’s just something about that three-quarter time that makes me need to get up and move.

There are two waltzes on my playlist now, one older, one newer, that give me great pleasure. My cat, not so much, as she acts as my reluctant, and often dangerous, dance partner. She doesn’t like it when I try to lead. She’s light on her feet, but those claws are a real menace. Trust me—you do NOT want to step on her toes.

The older waltz is “Alibis” by Tracy Lawrence. https://youtu.be/chdGKsc2UGM.

Tracy Lawrence

The newer one is “Sunrise Tells the Story,” by the band, Midland. https://youtu.be/tVxJhq6M9Jo

Midland (also the name of a Texas city.)

I don’t know what it is about a waltz that gets me every time, and maybe I’m better off not over analyzing it. I should just relax and let someone else lead me around the floor.

Peace, people and one, two, three, one, two, three.


by Leslie Noyes

Standing tall and proud
Voices raised in joyful praise
An anthem for us

Outside looking in
The disenfranchised hear but
An anthem for some

Until all are free
The lyrics are merely words
An anthem for none

The Wall

way beyond the outer fence
where the people seldom go
live gnarly gnomes and frightful elves
my mother told me so.

we live within the shelter
erected in far distant years
against grave dangers present
the source of all their fears.

some day i’ll venture out there
past the barriers they’ve set
to find my fortune or my death
or perhaps to pay our debt

for it seems a wall this sturdy
built ’round our country lost
was not to keep the others out
but us in at any cost
Praying for Eyebrowz Copyright 2015 by Leslie Noyes.

City Girl/Country Girl

City girl always
dresses for dinner,
has drinks at six
at a cafe
by the river.

Country girl still
cooks biscuits
and gravy each
Sunday morning for
breakfast with family.

Come live here
in the big metroplex
City Girl pleads
to her rustic

We’ll dance ’til dawn,
and see the sights
chitchat with
politicians and rich

No thanks, said the
Country Girl, I’m
happy out here,
but you come see me
and we’ll share a beer.

I’ll fry up a chicken
with all of the fixings
then we’ll sit on
the porch and solve
all the world’s issues.

I think I’ll pass,
City Girl said
I don’t think I’m
suited for a life
that’s so bland.


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