Oldie #4: Cleaning Bathrooms and Taking Names

Home of the baby-sized Coca Cola.

Oddly enough, my stint as an unpaid and unacknowledged bathroom custodian is one of my fondest memories of childhood. Fun Fact: John Cowsill, who was the object of my pre-teen desires, is still going strong as one of the drummers for The Beach Boys. 

Hope you enjoy this old tale from the early days of Praying for Eyebrowz.


Everything Goes Better with Coke

One of Studly Doright’s coworkers, Mr. Z, found this beautiful piece of rusty history on Craigslist.

A little elbow grease
The asking price was $1100. Mr. Z really wanted it, but didn’t have anyplace to put it. Mr. Z decided Studly needed it for his new shop.

“No way!” said Studly. “I can buy a small fridge for $400.” 

A couple of weeks later Mr. Z told Studly the seller had come down to $600, but Studly remained steadfast.

Mr. Z remained in contact with the seller who was becoming more anxious to sell the machine. Finally he agreed to Studly’s price, and we are now the owners of a 1961 model Vendo56 Coca Cola machine. 

I can’t wait to stock it with Summer Shandy and Blue Moon!