Huey Lewis on Blacklist

Studly Doright and I have been watching Blacklist on Netflix for several weeks now. Studly is way more into the series than I am. Most nights I sit and play Words With Friends while he watches the escapades of Raymond Reddington. Occasionally I’ll comment on something that’s happened on the screen, but for the most part I tune it all out.

But during last night’s viewing Huey Lewis turned up in an episode. I love Huey—his music, his voice, his adorable face, so I watched every second of the episode. It was sweet. I mean really sweet. The episode was a tribute to cast member, Clark Middleton, who passed away in 2020 from West Nile Virus. I had to wonder if Clark, like his character, Glen Carter, was a fan of Huey Lewis.

Rest In Peace, Clark.
Oh, Huey!

I think perhaps he was. A good man with good taste.

Peace, people.

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