Tuesday Tech Miscellany

Yesterday (Monday) I wrestled with my internet connection all day long. Studly was traveling, and I didn’t want to exacerbate the technical issues by doing something stupid in his absence. Instead, I was mostly tech free all day, and it was kind of nice.

My understanding of WiFi and connectivity and the million other little things that go into making my devices communicate smoothly is limited. I know that some of the little lights on my home router need to be flashing while others need to remain constant, but beyond that I’m lost. Thank goodness Studly Doright arrived home in time last evening to tell me how to fix the problem. (Basically I had to unplug the router, count to five, and plug it back in.) My hero!

Speaking of being lost, one of the things I like best about my Apple Watch is the gps feature. When I ask Siri for directions to a location, my watch will sync up and provide brief instructions as well as a pleasant buzz on my wrist as I approach a turn.

For some reason, though, on Saturday´┐╝ the watch lost its ability to guide me. I was heading to an estate sale using iPhone guidance and kept driving mile after mile waiting for the friendly buzz to indicate I needed to turn. Finally, I pulled into a parking lot and realized the watch wasn’t doing it’s part, and I was stuck with just the phone instructions. Plus, I was way north of Tallahassee. Not lost, but not where I needed to be either.

When I returned home I googled possible remedies to the situation, but none of them bore fruit. I figured I’d need to seek out some technical assistance at a local tech shop. Then this morning I noticed the little airplane icon on my watch. Hmmm. Had I accidentally switched it to airplane mode?

Why, yes. Yes, I had, and as soon as I figured out how to take it out of airplane mode the gps was back in business. I literally just asked Siri for directions to Trader Joe’s and my watch responded with a turn suggestion. It’s a bit confusing since I’m still inside my home, but still, I’m back in business.

Now, at the risk of making myself seem even more foolish, my car has a gps built in. Yes, I could, and often do, use it for directions. But it doesn’t buzz on my arm. I like the buzz.

No, not that Buzz; although, the wallpaper on my Apple Watch can be set to Toy Story.

To infinity and beyond! Or to Trader Joe’s. Whichever is closest.

Peace, people.

Random Disney Pictures

I snapped quite a few pictures at Disneyworld this week. Some were even worth sharing!

These were from the ¡Vamos! parade as we entered the Magic Kingdom on Saturday morning.


I took these two at The Art of Animation resort where my niece and her family stayed. I have no idea who the child is in the second picture, but he loves Mater!

I finally posed with someone who made me feel dainty and attractive. And nervous!

Turtle is still prettier than me. Sigh.  
At my hotel there were reminders of my childhood.  
Every now and then these guys at Art of Animation would squawk. Scared me the first time. 

  If I’d taken a photo of every beautiful flower on the Disney properties I’d never have gotten past the front gates. 

This playground structure looked like a human heart. Apparently it was a coral reef. Who knew they were so similar?  
 I’m home now, but apparently traveled “to infinity and beyond!”  
Peace, people!

My Feet Hurt

I walked over eight and a half miles today on hot asphalt in 100┬░ temperatures. I climbed the equivalent of twelve flights of stairs. My feet feel like two burning lumps of raw meat. My back is crying to be put out of its misery.


I rode Splash Mountain and Space Mountain and some other mountain I can never remember the name of. I rode in a flying ship a la Peter Pan and watched a symphony in 4D. I toured a Haunted Mansion and picked up a hitchhiking ghost. I sailed the seven seas with Captain Jack Sparrow. And, I did battle with a group of space aliens alongside Buzz Lightyear.


I’ll put on my stinky sneakers and head out to another theme park in the morning. 

What a wonderful day! Thank you CB, Lord Jeff, and kids for allowing me to tag along.

Peace, people!

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