On My Own in London

I have decided that the English are the kindest, most genuinely nice people in the entire universe. From offering directions, to giving me their map, to walking blocks out their way with me to Buckingham Palace, to making sure I only got a brief glimpse of a man standing at the urinal, these people have been angels.

Well done, I say. Well done.

Peace, people.

Let’s Talk About Buc-ee’s

Studly Doright, my mother-in-law, Saint Helen, and I made an important discovery on our recent trip home from the Texas Hill Country. No, it wasn’t an actual chupacabra, or a new, hotter than hell type of chili pepper. This was something way cooler and far more easy to digest–the mega convenience store called Buc-ee’s.

I’m not even sure mega comes close to describing just how big these stores are. 


Above is pictured a small part of a Buc-ee’s food court. 
 Coke, anyone?

Buc-ee is a pretty big deal. Even the Travelocity Gnome paid a visit.

Need a souvenir of your Buc-ee’s trip? You’re covered!


I didn’t find a photo of the bathrooms at Buc-ee’s, but trust me on this, it was amazing! I felt like I’d entered the Buckingham Palace of restrooms. It was huge and every stall had its own hand sanitizer dispenser. 

Oh, and as we left we heard the friendly, “Y’all come back now!”

God bless Texas. And Buc-ee’s!

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